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Is it expensive?

Time is money. MOTOCAB prices are in perfect adequacy with the quality service proposed as well as the time saving in your daily schedule. Most of our customers consider that time saving and the transport duration by MOTOCAB is widely profitable compared to traditional transportation.

Can you guarantee me an immediate return on investment?

MOTOCAB guarantees the performance of a fast and reliable service arriving on time whatever the place and the schedule of your meeting.
On the basis of a Paris-Roissy route, MOTOCAB allows its customers to reduce the transfer time by 20 minutes, and also to reduce the extra time margin by 20 minutes, meaning a total economy of 40 minutes if there are no traffic jams. Make you own calculations !

Why do you insist so much on your size?

Our size assures you that a pilot will be available at any time so you can entirely benefit from our quality service. Furthermore, our pilots are employees of MOTOCAB thus allowing them to benefit from a quality social coverage. You are sure to have a driver always in top shape!

You are not the cheapest, why?

We are particularly caring about the safety of our customers and the quality of our service. That’s why we need complete and modern equipment, as well as a regular revision of our vehicles (every six weeks). We also propose the services of the most experimented pilots on the market.

How do I order a motor taxi?

In fact you can’t order a motorcycle taxi as the terms "motorcycle taxi", “motor taxi”, “motortaxi” are a language abuse. Our offer is different from that of traditional taxis’ as we are not subjected to the same regulations. For example a taxi is allowed to park in special indicated areas and take customers hailing for them on the street. Taxis’ fair is determined by a meter, while MOTOCAB works only by booking, without meter - therefore in Pairs we cannot be called motor taxis.

How do I order a MOTOCAB ?

You can book by phone by calling +33153901401 or you can book online by filling our form.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

None. MOTOCAB supplies you with all the necessary equipment in order to make you feel perfectly comfortable and safe (rain clothes, gloves, helmet, boots and Goretex legs cover). Furthermore, the luxurious motorcycle Honda Goldwing 1800 is the reference in terms of stability on road and comfort.
You are sure to reach your destination in an impeccable state. The helmet’s hygiene is guaranteed by a single use internal fabric protection.

It’s raining, is MOTOCAB safe?

Yes, the company will supply you with rain equipment in order to reach your destination in an impeccable state (gloves, protective shoes and legs cover, jacket).

You do not use the term taxi-motorcycle, why?

As a matter of fact, the terms taxi-motorcycle, taxi-motor, taximotor, motorcycle-taxi, motor-taxi, motortaxi, are forbidden. We are not subjected to the same regulations with traditional 4 wheels taxis, and we are not allowed to offer our services to persons on the street except by booking. Therefore, no company can legally claim being a taxi motorcycle or a motorcycle taxi in France.

Can anybody take a MOTOCAB?

Yes, the Honda Goldwing is as comfortable as a car. We have two rules though: our customers must be sober and be able to put their feet on the foot rest support (our youngest customer is 12 years old).

Can I take a MOTOCAB directly at the station or at the airport?

If you have made an online or phone reservation, one of our riders will be waiting for you at the exit of the station or of the airport. You can also call us during your flight or at your arrival, in a few minutes one of our rides will get to you. We strongly recommend booking in advance.

Can I hail a MOTOCAB on the street?

No. Regulations allow the use of the term “taxi” only for traditional cabs, thus forbidding us to use the terms motorcycle taxi or taxi motorcycle. Pick-up is possible after prior booking by phone at +33153901401 or online from the Booking menu.

I’m wearing a skirt, can I take a MOTOCAB

Yes. Our motorcycles are equipped with a waterproof apron covering your legs in discretion. We can also supply you with a long coat.

Will my hair look ok after a motor ride with MOTOCAB?

Wearing a helmet does not guarantee lasting sophisticated hairstyle.

How do you guarantee the equipments’ hygiene?

Our equipments are regularly and entirely cleaned. Furthermore, we use single-use protection fabric inside our helmets.

What type of motorcycles do you use and why?

We use Honda Goldwing 1800 because it is the most comfortable and safest motorcycle on the market (adjustable suspension, ABS / DCBS braking system). Its engine offers great accelerations (if needed), and several compartments can carry hand luggage, a bag and a laptop.

Can I have a driver with a motorcycle for the whole day?

Yes. The reservation for a day is made by phone booking or online. You can check the menu "Prices and services - Price list". Try the comfort of having your pilot with you during 4 or 8 hours, you will notice the service quality that MOTOCAB can bring you.

I am in a hurry, what can you do for me?

We guarantee a fast service, we are able to locate our pilots and send you the nearest one assuring the shortest waiting time. Our PREMIUM services are especially dedicated for clients in a hurry.