Corporate accounts

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Corporate accounts


Corporate accounts

The passenger transport by motorcycle is an emerging service designed for the companies that require high performance level.
The companies that integrate this type of innovation in their system are those that best succeed to increase their profitability on the long run. MOTOCAB is in position to consider itself a privileged partner for their operations

Corporate Solutions

MOTOCAB offers corporate customers a series of resources like experience, services, technologies, thus allowing them to increase their efficiency through applications adapted to their needs :

Personalized reception in stations and airports
Profit-center and/or group Invoicing

Passenger authorization management
Group transfer, up to 15 passengers and more on special booking
Booking numbers accessible from abroad
Customized contact

Customized Service

The fleet capacity of MOTOCAB allows the company to cover more specific demands, for example we can arrange several motorcycles and their pilots to assure punctual or regular appearances (events, trading centre shows, seminars…).

We’ll be delighted to be there for you in those special moments!
Please contact our sales department to study the solution that best suits your organization: