Outstanding know-how

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Outstanding know-how


About Motocab

Outstanding know-how

With over 550.000 passenger trips, MOTOCAB boasts a vast experience in passenger transportation by motorcycle. Our high level service is mainly geared towards companies who wish to enable transport for their various collaborators, senior managers and leaders. Our portfolio includes more than 1000 companies.

80% of the companies in the main Paris Stock Exchange Index, the main international banks, auditor and law firms operating or having business in Paris. MOTOCAB is also the privileged Parisian means of transportation of various personalities in the media world and show biz.

A significant capacity

MOTOCAB has the largest motorcycle taxi fleet in the industry and has a very strict recruitment policy for its drivers.

The benefits for our independent pilots of working with our company is the purchase of high-end vehicles and the high frequency of their review (every six weeks). It's undeniably costly for the company but the result is clearly a sustainable quality of service. MOTOCAB is the only motorcycle taxi company to be able to offer you such a level of professionalism.

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